Denoising-CD and other

Q1 – Based on the similarity between CD1 and the autoencoder training objective and the relative performance between the vanilla AE and the DAE, would it make sense to think of a “denoising-CD” where you start your Markov Chains for the gradient’s negative phase from noisy versions of training data?

Q2 – On April 11th, you briefly mentionned a sampling procedure somewhat inspired from FPCD, can you give a more detailed explanation of the way it works?


1 Response to “Denoising-CD and other”

  1. 1 Xavier Bouthillier May 5, 2013 at 23:45

    Q1 – DAE are trained to do burn-in. They get noisy inputs and output a denoized version of it, the burn in is in one single step. Adding noise to the input for CD could reduce the burn-in but this would need further experiments to confirm.

    Q2 – In FPCD, the update function is :

    w_0 \leftarrow w_0 - \epsilon_0 \hat{g}
    w_F \leftarrow \alpha w_F - \epsilon_F \hat{g}
    w = w_0 + w_F

    In the new version of Breuleux et al. (, w_0 is dropped and w is updated only using w_F. This helps to get far from recently viewed examples.

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