Plan for February 25’s class

Duties before class (please review well before the class):

  • View the last 3 videos of lecture 6 and the first  video of lecture 7 from Hinton’s coursera lectures.
  • Come up with AT LEAST ONE QUIZ QUESTION regarding the material you have read or seen. Post it to the site as New Post (not a quiz reply), with categories feb25, quiz, and a tag identifying you (your name).
  • Try to improve your entry in the Kaggle leaderboard. Discuss in your journal what you are trying and getting on the kaggle competition data. I strongly suggest to explore variations in pre-processing as well as generating artificial deformations to increase the robustness of the trained classifier to known factors of variation.

Planned for the class:

  • Ian Goodfellow will explain how to do convolutions with pylearn2 (see the pylearn2 tutorial “convolution_networks.ipynb” and these slides: convolution)
  • We will discuss questions you have raised in posts or comments.

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