Plan for February 7’s class

Duties before class (please review well before the class):

  • Continue reading my paper on Practical recommendations for gradient-based training of deep architectures to the end.
  • Listen to the first 3 videos of lecture 4 of Hinton’s coursera lectures.
  • Come up with AT LEAST ONE QUIZ QUESTION regarding the material you have read or seen. Post it to the site as New Post (not a quiz reply), with categories feb7, quiz, and a tag identifying you (your name).
  • Starting on Thursday we will start working on implementing deep supervised neural nets using Theano. Continue preparing for that.

Planned for the class:

  • We will finish the discussion on the practical recommendations paper.
  • We will start discussing the experimental part of the homework, setting up an experiments journal, and kaggle competitions for the class.
  • If time permits / depending on questions we will take a look at the class slides on deep learning for natural language processing.

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