Reorganizing the quiz questions

I propose that we use the blog posts instead of replies in the quiz page in order to enter our questions and answers, and that we use tags to identify the topics. I propose the following tags and categories:

– categories jan21, jan24, jan28, jan31, feb4, are sub-categories of ‘classes’, etc. indicating the lecture date at which the question is initially supposed to be discussed

– categories hinton2, hinton3, etc. are sub-categories of ‘hinton-lectures’, indicating a lecture number in Hinton’s neural net coursera lectures, if appropriate

– see the Resources page for other suggestions of categories tags for the different resources we want to point to. Post other suggestions here.

– use tags as you see fit, e.g.:

– learning rate

– depth

– back-propagation


However, it would work better if we all re-use the same tags and keep the same orthography as the others. Look at the existing categories and tags when you write a post: they are visible in the Posts menu as ‘Tags’ and ‘Categories’ sub-menus.


1 Response to “Reorganizing the quiz questions”

  1. 1 Gabriel Bernier-Colborne January 30, 2013 at 13:29

    I am not sure how to post a quiz question as a blog post. We were told to look for a “New Post” button in the top right corner of the blog, but I don’t see this button, even when I am logged in using my WordPress account.

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